Professional air quality sensor for indoor & outdoor use
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Professional weather stations for every level.

All-in-one weather package

Vantage Vue

Expandable and endlessly configurable

Vantage Pro2

Update intervals as fast as 2.5 secUpdate intervals as fast as 2.5 sec
A漫.新垣结衣.浪货你真是欠C公共厕所Rain, wind, temperature, barometric pressureRain, wind, temperature, barometric pressure
Wind speed up to 200 mphWind speed up to 200 mph
Radiation shieldPassive radiation shield or 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield
WirelessWireless or Cabled
NIST Traceable Calibration (temperature, humidity, and barometer)NIST Traceable Calibration (temperature, humidity, and barometer)
-Solar radiation sensor*
-UV sensor*
-Up to 7 additional sensor transmitters
-A漫.新垣结衣.浪货你真是欠C公共厕所Research grade
-Separable anemometer for improved siting

* Available with Vantage Pro2 Plus ONLY.

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